Direct Cremation: The Most Affordable Type of Cremation


When we lose someone, the pain and hurt that lingers throughout this time can be very overwhelming. As if that’s not enough, for the person organizing a cremation, there is also so much to think about that stress and anxiety can often take over from any urge to grieve. 

It’s unfortunate but true and that’s just part of the story….

Because what if this is your first time to deal with these kind of arrangements? What if you know nothing or next to nothing about cremation? By now, the situation has gone from bad to worse and you haven’t even begun to figure things out.

But wait, this really is a straightforward process and in this article, we will explain everything you need to know to feel confident about the upcoming proceedings:


Direct Cremation: The Most Affordable Type of Cremation


Direct cremation is the most affordable type of cremation. In most cases, the family or friends will contact an independent firm to organize direct cremation. However, this option can also be arranged and paid for with the crematorium directly. Most often, the reason for choosing this option is most often down to the inexpensive nature of cremation.

Fair enough?

In case you might be asking yourself, direct cremation is one of several variations of cremation. While most cremations are followed by a memorial service or a cemetery burial, direct cremation takes a much shorter route and involves neither of these two options. 

But why else might you choose direct cremation? 

Let’s take a closer look at why this type of cremation is a common choice and what happens exactly during the process.


What Happens Exactly During Direct Cremation?

Simply put, the less services included by a firm or crematorium, the smaller the overall fee for the cremation. That being said, this also means that there should be considerably less that needs to be organized.

Here’s why: 

The process for direct cremation is fast and simple. After death, the body is collected immediately and taken straight to the crematorium.

Unlike other types of cremation, there is no funeral and no viewing of the body. As for the cremation process, there is no family or friends present when the body is placed in the chamber and instead, the ashes are returned to the family/friends at a suitable time.

But wait…

This is by no means a quick or easy way to “get things over with” and it certainly does not mean there are no goodbyes or memorial procession.  It just simply means that, after the ashes are returned to the family/friends, no additional services are provided by the crematorium.

And you see, there is still time for a heart-warming farewell, for friends and family will often organized a private ceremony or memorial. This is usually done independently and can take place wherever or whenever the family/friends decide. 

So what exactly makes direct cremation so different?


What is Different About Direct Cremation? 


We want to make this as straightforward as possible for you so let’s re-iterate or summarize some of the above:

Direct cremation involves very little organization compared to any other type of cremation. In short, typical cremation ceremonies require a lot more resources. After all, memorial services require a church and a holy representative while transport is then needed to take the body from to/from the service. 

What’s more….

If the cremation includes a memorial service, there are also church fees involved. And then the cost of transport, flowers, and other items can add up which are considerable costs on top of the basic requirements.


About Opting for Direct Cremation

But what does this mean to you?

Well, when you avail of more services, you will usually have more to think about. The truth is, some people prefer not to have so much responsibility or things to do at this difficult time.

Likewise, if you opt for direct cremation, you will almost certainly pay a lot less and this is important if funds are tight.

At the same time, depending on the circumstances, the simplicity of this option is sometimes the main reason why people opt for direct cremation and that’s okay – this is not a time to make things more complicated.



As you can see, direct cremation is the most affordable type of cremation and a process that requires minimal input from the family or friends. In fact, finding a suitable urn is most often the only priority you will have during this time, and this is something we know everything about.

Either way, please accept our condolences and if you need some help with the urn mentioned above, get in touch - we are here for you!


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