How to Fill Your Cremation or Keepsake Urn: A Step-by-Step Guideline

Tips on handling cremains

  • When you receive the cremains from the crematory, they will come sealed in a container such as a plastic bag in a cardboard or plastic box.
  • Filling a cremation or keepsake urn is a simple procedure. However, if it is emotionally daunting, please consult your funeral home, friends or other family members to help out.
  • Cremains are sterile and do not pose health risks. However, when handling very fine cremains, we recommend wearing a mask.

Instructions for filling your cremation or keepsake urn

1. Items needed

Cremains, cremation or keepsake urns, clean cloth, working surface (newspaper or large plastic bag), funnel (piece of paper and scissor) and glue (if you wish to permanently seal the urn).

2. Clean your urns

Before filling your cremation or keepsake urns, please wipe clean the surface and opening of the urns using a clean cloth to remove any debris or dust particles.

3. Prepare a working surface

To avoid spilling the cremains, prepare a working surface using a newspaper or work directly over the plastic bag containing the cremains.

4. Prepare a funnel

Prepare a funnel by rolling up a paper. Please ensure the opening at the bottom of the funnel is large enough for the cremains to flow through and small enough to fit inside the urn’s opening.

Here’s a link to a short Youtube video - How to make a simple funnel out of paper.

5. Fill your urns

Scoop up cremains using the funnel and slowly fill the urns. Our adult cremation urn will take about 200 cubic inches of cremains. Our keepsake urn will take about 3 tablespoons (3 cubic inches) of cremains. Please ensure to leave room for the lid to screw close.

6. Seal your urns

If you wish to permanently seal the urn, close the lid almost completely, apply small amount of epoxy resin glue (  to the thread, then quickly shut the lid completely. It is very important to not let the glue dry before completely closing the lid.

We also recommend using a regular silicone caulk (, which will allow you to re-open the urn if needed in the future.


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